Need Some Expert Health Solutions?

Do You Want Health That Lets You:

  • Eliminate disease?
  • Wake up each day feeling great to be alive?
  • Enjoy fantastic energy & vitality, with a body that is able to move freely & comfortably?
  • Experience life with joy, calmness and a sense of looking forward to the future?
  • Know that your lifestyle is protecting you from the diseases of modern living?
  • Ensure that you will enjoy a happy, healthy old age?

… then it’s Time to Look at Natural Therapies!!

Thousands of Australians are now discovering how making simple changes in lifestyle, can bring about massive improvements in their health and well-being.

Julie McNab has over 35 years of clinical experience as a widely-respected wholistic medicine practitioner in Sydney and on the NSW Central Coast. She is dedicated to providing premium quality holistic health care for  you and your family.

Julie is known to be very warm & approachable. She has developed a unique system of comprehensive, up-to-date holistic treatment that utilises a combination of naturopathy, homoeopathy, traditional Chinese herbs, western herbs and nutrition for the effective management and healing of most health conditions.

Julie is passionate about teaching the use of food as medicine in a healthy diet and giving people information that allows them to take charge of their own health.

Over the years Julie has mentored many other practitioners and assisted thousands of patients in achieving optimal good health and vitality – naturally and safely.

Natural Medicines Can Effectively Prevent & Treat Disease

At the Central Coast Natural Therapies Clinic our consultations conform to the highest standard of natural health care so that you can be assured of accurate and thorough naturopathic diagnosis and prescription. Julie’s expertise is supplemented by a thorough training in Medical Science, ensuring that you are provided with the most effective up-to-date treatment formulated to achieve desired results as quickly as possible, in order to bring you the health and healing you desire.

“After trialing some other naturopaths in the area, I came upon Julie and knew immediately that this was someone I could trust with my family’s health….

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