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7 easy detox steps for kids with ear infections

So many kids are coming in to the Central Coast Natural Therapies Clinic with repeated ear infections and colds. Repeated doses of antibiotics aren’t working and risk creating a range of digestive system problems. Why not try a simple detox for kids of any age by taking the following things out of their diets completely […]

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Why the flu vaccine doesn’t work

In the USA, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) are looking at whether or not flu vaccinations are really effective or not. There is no single flu virus, there are countless versions of it and each time it passes from host to host, it mutates in to something else. By the time vaccines are publically […]

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Foods to avoid when you’re sick

Many people don’t realise that when they have any kind of respiratory virus ( cold or flu ) there are certain foods that should be greatly limited and preferably avoided. The reason for this is that these particular foods are common culprits for causing extra mucus production. This is exactly what we don’t want during […]

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Join the fight against antibiotic resistance

Mel Doyle from Sunrise, Felicity Harley from Womens Health Magazine and actress Ada Nicodemou join the campain to raise awareness about the damage over prescribing antibiotics for viral infections is doing. It’s wonderful to know that there is an organisation out there sharing the views of natural health practitioners. Working with local celebrities is a […]

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