Programs offered at Central Coast Natural Therapies include:

РEat Your Way To Health Р Using food as your daily medicine

– Be The You That You Want – How to identify and motivate yourself to make the changes you want to see in your life

– Letting Go Of Stress – How to manage life so that you remain calm and positive

– The Joy Of Wellness – Staying healthy, vital and happy throughout your life

– Balance Your Hormones – How to identify and correct imbalances

– Happy Digestion – How to absorb the nutrients you need and eliminate waste effectively

– Feeding Healthy Babies – When to introduce food, which foods to begin with, how to expand baby’s diet safely

– Feeding Healthy Children – Give your growing children the best quality foods that contain optimal nutrients.

– Tempting Fussy Eaters – How to change your child’s diet and increase health-giving foods without them really noticing




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