Digestive Health

At Central Coast Natural Therapies, we not only treat patients who are unwell, but we strongly believe in a pro-active and preventative approach to health care management.

Many people in today’s busy society experience a variety of digestive issues – irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, bloating, pain, allergies etc

Maintaining effective digestion is integral in creating both a healthy mind and a healthy body. Hippocrates is widely quoted as saying in the 5th century BC that we need to “Let food be thy medicine”. Modern science is validating old wisdom in restating the vital importance of several key factors in achieving this:

  • eating whole foods that have been processed as little as possible –
  • eating a ‘rainbow’ of fresh vegetables and quality protein each day
  • chewing food well
  • eating ‘mindfully’ and calmly – not ‘on the run’ so that the┬ábody can properly break down food and absorb necessary nutrients

These are among the simple but effective strategies that optimise digestion and encourage a diverse and balanced microbiome (the assortment of microbes living in and on our digestive mucus membrane).

We now know that eating well, digesting our food efficiently and having a healthy microbiome supports both a strong immune system and stable moods – both integral to our total well-being and healthy ageing.


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