Relaxation Strategies

Modern living presents a range of different challenges, many of them quite stressful at times. Financial pressures, juggling work and family commitments, uncertainty about the future and trying to achieve too many things in any day are only a few of the burdens that we experience on a daily basis.

Over 2,000 years ago, the Roman poet Juvenal wrote about the importance of a “sound mind in a sound body”. This statement remains true even in our very different world today. Good health doesn’t exist only on the physical plane; it is just as much affected by our mind and emotions.

For this reason, at Central Coast Natural Therapies, all programs are designed to ensure that you are supported in identifying how stress affects you and what you can do to change this. Where necessary, you will be assessed for any nutritional deficiencies or lifestyle factors that may be reducing your body’s ability to adapt to the challenges that you experience in your life.

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