Naturopathic Medicine

Naturopathy is a system of medical treatment that focuses on the use of naturally occurring therapeutic substances, minimally invasive methods and the encouragement of the body’s own process of natural healing. It focuses on treating the whole person and the cause of the disease rather than only dealing with particular symptoms.

Naturopathy is able to be used successfully in the treatment of a wide range of conditions and is suitable for people of all ages. It is important to understand that naturopaths do not focus on treating ‘conditions’ or ‘diseases’ as such but on working with the whole person, as a unique individual, in order to treat the underlying cause of illness and thus to restore the entire system to a natural state of health and wellness.

There are a wide range of therapies able to be used in naturopathic treatment including:

  • Homoeopathy – to stimulate the body’s own ‘vital force’ in the healing process
  • Herbal Medicine – based upon both scientifically-proven and traditionally-used plant extracts
  • Nutritional Medicine – analysing dietary intake of nutrients and how effectively these nutrients are being absorbed. Dietary changes and supplemental nutrient programs are advised as required
  • Lifestyle assessment and advice – to encourage physical changes and stress reduction in the promotion of wellbeing
  • Functional pathology or Bio-Resonance testing as required to obtain a deeper understanding of any imbalances that exist
  • Massage and soft tissue manipulation – realignment and rebalancing the body
  • Iridology – the diagnosis of imbalances in the body through examination of  structural patterns in the iris
  • Flower essences – as a gentle emotional support

A naturopathic consultation is a comprehensive process of taking the time to properly analyse all presenting symptoms, to listen to exactly what health outcomes are desired and to formulate the most precise treatment program. Throughout this process, detailed explanations are given and all questions answered.

One of the greatest benefits that people experience as a result of naturopathic treatment is a sense of being involved in and empowered by the practical process of learning how to become and to stay well.

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