We live in a world filled with toxic substances – many of them known to harm living things (including us). We are all different in our genetic makeup and so there are a wide variety of reactions to these toxins.

Toxins come in 2 broad groups.

  1. environmental (outside the body) eg. heavy metals, chemicals, drugs,  air pollution, pesticides, bacteria, microbes etc (present in air, water & food)
  2. endogenous (made inside the body) eg. hormones, chemicals produced by the body, unhealthy microbes in your digestive system that enter your blood etc.

Continued exposure to combinations of these low-dose poisons weakens the body’s natural ability to detoxify or eliminate anything that is potentially harmful.  The impact of chronic stress further complicates the detoxification processes.

The body tries to use a variety of different ways to eliminate eg. the digestive system, the skin and the mucus membranes. If these attempts are unsuccessful, the body will then try to safely store harmful chemicals in fat, bones and other tissues. This mans that these poisons can be accumulating in our tissues for many years, becoming an ongoing and increasing source of ill health.

At Central Coast Natural Therapies, you will be expertly assessed for any signs and symptoms of toxicity in your body. Factors that may influence your body’s ability to effectively detoxify will be identified  and you will be guided through a program that helps you to safely remove the toxic load from your body.

A clearly set-out detoxification program is easy to follow. You will be pleasantly surprised by how quickly you start to feel noticeably healthier!

Call now to make an appointment so that you can safely & efficiently
detoxify your body under expert guidance in order to achieve great health

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