When we moved to the Central Coast six years ago, I immediately began to search for a naturopath who would be suitable for our family. I was looking for someone to whom I could relate, who would treat any illnesses in a holistic manner and who was experienced in the fields of both naturopathy and homeopathy.

After trialing several naturopaths in the area, I came upon Julie and knew immediately that this was someone I could trust with my family’s health. Having two young children who are prone to acute ear infections, I fully credit Julie for saving us from the cycle of illness-antibiotics-illness-antibiotics. Thanks to Julie’s specialised knowledge and her tailored prescriptions of herbs, vitamins and homeopathic remedies, neither of my children has ever required antibiotics.

Most importantly, Julie is someone to whom I can speak honestly and trust completely with my own physical and emotional health. Being a mother to young children has its ups and downs and Julie is always there with an understanding ear and a remedy for anything from anxiety to insomnia.

Regular visits to Julie has increased my own knowledge of holistic healing. I have long been dissatisfied with the treatment I have received at the hands of GPs who rarely have the time to listen or explain the causes of illnesses.

With Julie as our family health practitioner, I feel confident that there is help at hand for any physical illnesses or emotional troubles that may visit our family in the future. Parenting is no easy task but I rest easier knowing Julie is there whenever we need her.

Philippa M.

When I first came to see Julie I had been told that the doctors weren’t clear about why I was feeling so weak and tired and why I had a permanent itchy rash over my back and chest. I had been told that I was just getting old and this was to be expected.

I had never seen a naturopath before I went to Julie and so I was surprised that she took the time to ask me all kinds of questions about my health and what I ate and also how I felt. She explained things to me very clearly and I really felt that she cared about getting me better.

At first I had to change what I was eating and take some remedies that were only in drops. I didn’t know how this was all going to work but I thought why not give it a go. I was very happy because by the time my daughter brought me in for the second appointment I had quite a bit more energy and the rash was about ¾ gone. I stayed doing what Julie had advised me to do and it wasn’t long before the rash was gone completely and I had my first game of tennis again in 6 years.

I still see Julie if I need to and my daughter and grandchildren see her too. Thank you Julie for all your help and your friendly support and caring.

I advise anyone who really cares about their health to take the time to see Julie. You will be very pleased you did.

Betty W., Terrigal

I first saw Julie years ago and now three generations of my family see her as their primary health care provider. I had a chronic, debilitating, embarrassing condition and I had seen a number of practitioners, both orthodox and complimentry, but I just wasn’t getting any better. Then a friend recommended Julie.

I was immediately impressed with her professional, caring and friendly approach. I began treatment, followed her advice and within a very short period I was feeling much better. Within a few months the problem I had suffered from for years was gone. I had so much energy and I was able to cope with a number of issues in my life far more effectively thanks to her advice.

Julie is a fantastic naturopath and homeopath whose treatments really do work. She is also compassionate, wise, insightful and her advice and remedys have helped my whole family achieve and maintain not only our physical health but also our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Julie changed my life. My family and I are happy, vital and healthy thanks to her. She is an absolute gem and I have no hesitation in recommending that anyone with any type of health issue would benefit from Julies assistance.

Mary-Jane H.

Julie McNab has been my main health practitioner for over four years now and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my healing journey. I have evolved from being resigned to the fact that I was the sort of person who would never feel one hundred percent healthy and was likely to come down with sickness if a virus was circulating, to a person that aspires to and expects good health. I am the healthiest and happiest I have ever been.

When I first went to Julie I had all sorts of health problems that had been affecting me for years. Prolonged use of antibiotics and the pill had left me with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Candida and a weak immune system. I was also struggling with anxiety and bouts of depression. With Julie’s expertise and guidance, these ongoing problems are finally being resolved. I now know what food I am intolerant to – which is such a relief. For the first time in my life my digestive system is working effectively and I very rarely experience symptoms of IBS. I have more energy, my skin is clear and my hair and nails are strong and healthy.

Julie treats the root cause rather than just the symptoms, and her holistic approach considers the whole person; emotionally and psychologically as well as physically. For years I experienced unpleasant side effects from prescription medication, and they often turned out to be ‘bandaid solutions’ to mask the symptoms. I have not taken antibiotics while in Julie’s care. I am constantly amazed at how quickly and effectively homeopathy and Chinese herbs work on infections that I had always assumed only antibiotics would clear up.

When my husband and I decided to start our family we sought Julie’s help. I am sure the detoxes and vitamins that she recommended to prepare our bodies to conceive, combined with her natural remedies and dietary advice contributed to my healthy, straightforward pregnancy. I was also able to have the natural, drug free water birth I had hoped for. We gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Joey. With homeopathy and Chinese herbs our recovery was very fast. We established breastfeeding with relative ease and I’ve always had plenty of milk. At 12 months we are still happily feeding. Julie prescribed an amazing blood tonic to boost my immunity and as a result I was able to resist colds and flu, even when everyone around me seemed to be sick.

Julie is an ongoing support and wealth of knowledge on natural health care for babies in a society where prescription drugs with all sorts of side effects are all to readily and often unnecessarily given to babies and children. I now feel empowered to care for Joey when he gets sick, using my homeopathic kit. Recently he had a cold with a bad cough and I sat up cuddling him all night while he coughed. The next day I took him to my GP and she diagnosed Bronchiolitis, saying there wasn’t much I could do, I just needed to keep a close eye on him and give him panadol. I went to see Julie straight away and she gave me some homeopathic drops. They made such a difference. My husband and I saw improvement almost instantaneously and we all had considerably more sleep that night. Joey has never had antibiotics and I know with Julie’s help we’ll have a good chance of keeping it that way.

Nothing is ever too much trouble for Julie. I’ve been close to tears on the phone to her on a many occasions when Joey has been sick and she is always reassuring and calm, asking lots of questions to determine which remedy is most suited to Joey’s symptoms. She has often consulted and supplied remedies on her day off. I went into labour on a Sunday and she was more than happy for my husband and I to call in on the way to the hospital to pick up our homeopathic birthing kit. She spent more than half and hour with us observing my contractions and showing Scott some pressure points in my back and hips that would make me more comfortable.

We feel blessed to have found a natural health practitioner we can really trust, who is always up to date with the latest research and who really listens. Julie always has her patients’ best interests at heart and will go out of her way to help them become healthy and happy.

Sarah C., Wamberal

4 years ago I was given a terrible diagnosis by my doctor and a prognosis of 6 months left to live. I have 3 young children so I was very scared and I did what I was told and took medicine that made me feel very unwell and unable to cope. Unfortunately – or maybe fortunately, this treatment didn’t work and I continued to get sicker. A close friend suggested that I see Julie for help with my immune system and to manage some of the symptoms I was experiencing.

I won’t say that Julie’s treatment was easy. It wasn’t but the alternative wasn’t looking very good. I will never forget Julie telling me that everything I had been doing up to getting a diagnosis had contributed to me getting sick and so we needed to work on all aspects of my life in order to get well. It was hard work with kids and a husband who worked away from home sometimes. Julie was always supportive through this time.

I changed my diet – very important – and my lifestyle. I worked with my old beliefs and realised how much toxic baggage I had been carrying around with me. My doctor was surprised at how I was improving and agreed to see how I progressed using Julie’s treatment.

I now have annual checkups and have been healthy for the last 3 years. My life has never been better and I’m happy to say that my whole family have benefited from my new lifestyle (even though it took a bit of persuading in the beginning). I have learned so much from Julie on so many levels.

Thank you so much Julie for all your support, kindness and wisdom. I will always be grateful.

Samantha C., Hornsby

I suppose that I have been one of Julie’s ‘difficult’ patients. I went to see her because I kept getting unsightly acne on my face, shoulders and back. I am in my early 30’s and I had followed some ‘Dr. Google” treatments and paid a lot for various tablets and products without getting rid of the problem. I also had irritable bowel for a few years.

Julie said that she likes to use ‘Mother Nature’s pharmacy’ as an important part of treatment. In other words this meant that I couldn’t eat foods that I had loved for years like sugar and dairy and wheat – especially normal bread. I tried her special dietary program and the homeopathy remedy she gave me and yes I did feel great. I had more energy, my skin cleared up and so did my digestion. I just couldn’t keep going so I cancelled my next appointment.

I spent a few months trying different treatments but didn’t get the same results so I called Julie again. When I went in to see her she didn’t judge me for not coming back. She just asked me what were the hardest things to give up and we agreed to a compromise program. I also took the remedy that Julie gave me.

With Julie’s help I have pinpointed the things that really give me problems and Julie has given me suggestions about how to substitute them. She has even given me recipes that are delicious!! I’m not always a perfect patient but now I know how to manage my health so that I’m happy with where I am. When I have a problem I always know I can talk to Julie and get some good advice and a remedy if I need it.

Tiegan B., Hamilton

I have known Julie for 23 years as a colleague, mentor and personal practitioner. She is highly skilled as both a naturopath and a homeopath. This in itself is a rareity plus she also has over thirty years of extensive clinical experience.

Her teaching background, compassion, wisdom, insight and patience and are all combined in her friendly, thorough, professional and educational consultations. My own background in naturopathy and homeopathy mean that I know what an exceptional practitioner Julie really is, which is why she is also my personal practitioner.

She is a very non-judgemental and kind person who inspires trust and confidence. Her knowledge, professionalism, compassion, life experience and gentle humour have helped both myself and many others with a number of challenging issues.

Julie is a highly skilled and effective practitioner who gets great results. I am very grateful that I can confidently refer all my clients and friends to someone I regard as the best.

Kathryn E. Central Coast

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