Homoeopathic medicine is a system of healing that was developed over 200 years ago by a doctor called Samuel Hahnemann, based on the concept of “Like Cures Like” that has been noted and used in medical treatment since the time of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine.

Homoeopathy is practiced around the world by both conventional doctors and professional homoeopaths. In England, Europe and India, homoeopathic hospitals successfully treat patients for all types of diseases, often allowing them to avoid surgery and the use of more toxic medication.

Why Choose Homoeopathy – How It Can Give You Great Health

Homoeopathy is a natural, safe and highly effective natural medicine that can be used to treat a wide range of physical, mental and emotional conditions ranging from common, everyday complaints through to very serious illness. Homoeopathy is also used for prevention, to help keep you as well and healthy as possible and so minimise the chance of developing illness and disease.

Because homoeopathy is given in diluted doses (due to the unique method of preparing remedies, the more a remedy is diluted, the more effective it can become), it is arguably the safest system of medical treatment in the world today. It is effective for people of any age – from small babies to the elderly, regardless of whether they require treatment for a minor acute complaint or for more serious chronic disease. Homoeopathy can also be successfully used to treat animals.

What Can I Expect In A Homoeopathic Consultation?

Generally, you will complete a pre-appointment form prior to your first visit, available as a download under the ‘Contact’ tab on the front page of this website. This form contains comprehensive questions about your health that will give your practitioner detailed information about exactly what you are wanting to treat (your health goal ) as well as your background health history (eg past illnesses, medication, family diseases, diet & lifestyle). There will also be questions about the exact nature of your health issues and what affects them.

With this information in hand, your experienced practitioner will be able to fully assess your health status and then select a remedy suited to your individual requirements. As this is a wholistic practice, you may be given dietary and lifestyle advice that will enhance the action of the Homoeopathic medicine.

A follow-up consultation is then made to review your progress. This regular monitoring and the careful adjustment of your remedy and program ensures that your treatments are safe and effective, resulting in the best possible health outcome for you.

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