Weight Loss

When starting any kind of weight management program, it is important to make a distinction between fat loss and weight loss. Many low fat, calorie-restricted diets just don’t work in the long-term because they result in muscle and not fat being broken down.

Muscles are the big calorie-burners in the body. If muscle mass is lost due to this wrong kind of dieting, the metabolism slows down. This pattern is observed in ‘yo-yo’ dieting where, over time, people can actually find it harder to lose weight and easier to gain more.

At Central Coast Natural Therapies, all weight management and weight loss programs involve a low carbohydrate, moderate protein system that will lead to fat loss and therefore good weight loss in the short term so that in the long term you will gain more muscle, continue to lose unhealthy fat and extend your wellness into a healthy old age.

At all stages of the weight loss program, your progress can be monitored using a bio-impedance analysis machine ( VLA ).

This machine is able to accurately assess exactly how much fat you are losing, whether you are beginning to build extra muscle  and how effecively your treatment program is helping you to achieve your weight loss and wellness goals.

See our page on Bio-Impedance Analysis for more information on this testing procedure.

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