Are you deficient in Vitamin D?

Even in sunny Australia, a large percentage of the population are Vitamin D deficient. In winter, the figures rise even more!!! Researchers are finding increasing ways this vitamin is vital in our bodies – even boosting our immune systems & protecting us against cancer!! This is a great clip…

20 minutes a day is a good rule for getting sun. While protecting the skin with a natural sunscreen is important for long exposure, the body has the capacity to produce Vitamin D with exposure to sunlight. The fear element of skin cancer means a lot of us don’t allow any kind of direct exposure to sunlight. A little bit each day is important. If you’re out for more than minutes, pop on some sunscreen, a long sleeve shirt and a hat and protect yourself from damaging UVA and UVB rays, but for that first 20 minutes, enjoy the feeling of the sun on your skin, energise and let your body create it’s own Vitamin D.

When choosing the right sunscreen, be sure to use a mineral base (zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) and be sure there are no nano-particles. At present, the TGA do not require the disclosure of nano-particles in any skin care, make-up or sunscreen, so be sure to ask questions before buying anything like this. Shop Naturally have a well researched range of nano-free sunscreen to purchase online. Samples are available to purchase online so you can test the product.

The TGA also stretch this rule (or lack of protection) to skin care & makeup. If you’re unsure, choose organic skin care, as the bodies that certify the products don’t allow nano-particles. Brands like La Mav and Pure & Green are Australian made and certified organic. When choosing a mineral makeup brand, choose a quality Australian brand that only to mineral and certified organic to be safe. Inika and Zuii are good starting points.

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