Soy controversy – how safe is it?

There is so much controversy about soy products these days… even though some of the longest living people on the planet have eaten a high plant food diet including soy for generations. This article on Women To Women is worth reading (click here for the full article).

Dixie Mills, MD explains that while there are many rumours & myths surrounding the use of soy, including links to breast cancer and developmental delays in infants when fed soy formula, countless studies show that these myths are not supported. The article goes to explain that soy isn’t for everyone, and this statement can hold true for any food. Many individuals are sensitive or allergic to soy products. Those with issues with their digestive systems or thyroid problems should address these before eating soy. Soy is eaten by millions around the world every day. Before you decide to add or remove soy from your diet, have a read through the article which explains in more detail who the voices are in the ‘anti-soy’ campaign, what their claims are and what the best way is to enjoy it in your diet.

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